Anime + Manga fan (cutentg) wrote in rivierawards,
Anime + Manga fan

Week 8: Submit!

Themes: Red and Light & Dark

Week 8 Icon Rules:
- The icon must have something clearly red, be coloured red, or have a word that relates to red for the Red theme.
- The icon must have something to do with Light or Dark, or both, for the Light & Dark theme.
- No bigger than 40kb and 100x100px in gif/jpg/png format.
- Only official artwork and screenshots are allowed.
- You are now allowed to submit twice to a theme. Maximum 2 icons per week.

Submit icons by commenting on this post like this:

Icons are due next Friday (September 29) at 7PM EST. You must be a member to submit an icon.

If you alter your entry after you've submitted it, please make a comment letting us know. Remember you're allowed to resubmit a new icon up until the deadline if you're not satisfied with it. If you have a question about the theme, feel free to ask it here. Have fun and don't forget to submit!
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