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Riviera Awards

An icontest for Riviera: The Promised Land

Riviera Awards >>> Icontest for Riviera: TPL
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Welcome to rivierawards, an icontest community for the game Riviera : The Promised Lands. Your maintainers for Rivierawards are malionette & mecha_gojira

For those who arn't that familiar with LJ Icontests, Mali can explain. :)

Every week, either mecha_gojira, malionette, or cutentg will post the week's challenge of a theme ( Red, Forever, Ledah, Lyrics, Image, or just pretty much anything.). You get a reminder a few days before the deadline date. Usually, it will be Friday, 7PM EST or 4PM PST. If you are just a little bit late and we havn't posted the voting yet, we will accept your icon. You are allowed to submit two icons.

* Sprites, Official Art, & Wallpapers are allowed.
* Absolutly NO fanart or doujinshi. I don't care if it's your's or not.
* As I said before, two icons per week. It doesn't mean you have to have two, it just makes the maintainers happier.
* The icon must be made by you and only you.
* Don't advertise your icon before the voting ends.
* You must be a member to submit. Anyone can vote.
* Lastly, have fun. :]

* The voting will start at 4PM PST & 7PM EST on Friday. Voting ends 3PM PST & 6PM EST on Sunday.
*When voting, vote for a first, second, third, and Special Category please.

15, 36, 92, 05



You can NOT vote for your own icon, even if you think it is better than others. You can vote even if you have submit an icon. Please don't make multiple accounts and vote for yourself.

* You can submit up to two icons.
* The icon must be under 40k. Preferably .PNG or .GIF files.
* Please submit the like this. Leave a note saying if you'd like to let others use your icon.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v59/Wolf_010/Avatars/rivieraawards Yes, I would love it if someone snagged my icon
No. I'd like to keep my icon private.

Bannermakers and affilates here.
Week 4, 6- malionette
Week 3, 5, 7- mecha_gojira